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First Quarter Safety Meetings

March 2018 – Last month, Kalkreuth Roofing and Sheet Metal held its first quarter safety meetings company-wide. Attendees included foremen, superintendents, project managers, and field employees.

Fire prevention, lessons learned, and JHA requirements were the main focuses for these meetings. The safety department tracks trends in the workplace such as fall protection, electrical, and PPE violations. From there, these trends are used to identify topics that need to be covered or used as refresher training to help reduce the probability of serious injuries in the workplace.

“These meetings are designed to keep safe working conditions in the forefront of on-the-job practices and procedures. When an employee is not following proper safety protocol and a preventable injury occurs, it can unfortunately involve lost time, medical bills, coworkers assuming additional tasks, and above all the decreased health and wellness of our team members. Unsafe work practices directly affect everyone. By holding these meetings once a quarter, it allows employees to address any issues with existing safety protocol and equipment in order to prevent injury and make sure our guys get home safely. The theory of continuous improvement allows the organization to adopt industry best practices to help reduce the possibility of injury,” said KRSM Safety Manager Kevin Barnhart.