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Lunch & Learn at KRSM Triadelphia Warehouse

Last month, KRSM Project Administrators and NWiR members Shawnda Burgess and Stephanie Barry organized a Lunch & Learn held at KRSM’s warehouse in Triadelphia, WV. The Lunch & Learn was put on to help familiarize NWiR’s Wheeling Council with some of the products that are utilized out in the field. About 20 women were in attendance for a presentation by KRSM Senior Project Manager, Brendan Ball. He touched on the pros and cons of three different types of roofing membranes┬ábased on job location’s climate and provided samples for reference. After that, a demonstration on how to fasten down membrane was done and a few of the attendees got to give it a try! Thank you to those who helped put this together and to everyone who participated!