Your Kalkreuth Locations: Teams Across the Mid-Atlantic

Our team of highly experienced professionals provides comprehensive roofing solutions tailored to your specific needs. We use advanced technology and quality materials for our jobs, ensuring quality results every time.

Our expansive network ensures that no matter where your building is situated, there’s a good chance a Kalkreuth branch is nearby to offer immediate service, support, and maintenance. Kalkreuth’s widespread presence not only guarantees a faster response time in the case of emergencies but also implies a profound understanding of diverse regional climates, conditions, and building codes. With Kalkreuth, you’re not just investing in quality roofing, but also in a vast infrastructure designed to keep your structure protected and serviced no matter its location.

Kalkreuth Offices:

Frederick, MD

Columbus, OH

Wheeling, WV

Lexington, KY

Pittsburgh, PA


With multiple locations, Kalkreuth can get to your roof faster than other companies after bad weather.


With the supply chain and wait times still abnormal, we have a competitive advantage with our vendors and stock material.


Kalkreuth can provide better customer service by having more staff available to assist customers with a more personalized experience for customers.

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